The Letters


Post Summersville
36th Ohio Reg
Company I
Feb 19th 1862

Dear Wife,

It is with pleasure I embrace the present time to let you know how i am. I am well with the exception of a cold. The boys is generly well and well satisfied soldiers I believe. The weather is very changble, not two days a like. The night I got on the boat I layded on ????? and a chair for my pilow. I got her on the foloing Tuesday. I found the boys well and in good winter qarters and good clothing and plenty to eat.

If any of the children gets sick, write and let me know how they ar and tell me how you ar geting a long. We ar looking for artilery her. It is on its way. I don’t no how many pieces, and ???????? a report of a 100 hundred mules coming her for pack mules. Yes, we heard that Carney Chambers was going to get maried. If so, tell me. Tell Sarah that she wanted to see some of my letters. Show this to her. I dont no how long we will stay her. I dont think we will leave till the last of March
(possibly the rest of the letter is missing)


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4 thoughts on “The Letters

  1. Second paragraph, first sentence: “We are about fifteen miles from Louis Burgh and about forteen miles from Soulimanthen?.”

    I believe the last word should be ‘Sewell Mountain’. Lewisburg WV is about thirty miles east of Sewell Mountain, so he is saying that they are camped roughly halfway between Sewell Mountain and Lewisburg WV.

    I am currently researching my gg grandfather who was in the 44th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, which fought alongside the 36th at Lewisburg. This blog will be an invaluable resource. Many thanks for posting these letters.

    -DC Black

    • Wow, I did not know about the “approve” button so this comment from 2014 is still much appreciated. I think you are correct, so I will make the change to the text.

  2. Was there any sign of the picture that Isaac mentions sending with this letter. I would love to know what he looks like.

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